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Spinal Injuries


Awesome Practice Questions (Thanks Margaret!)

Click HERE for awesome practice questions on Emergency nursing.

Here are some examples:

Which signs/symptoms would the nurse assess in the client who has been exposed to the anthrax bacillus via the skin?
a. A scabby, clear fluid–filled vesicle.
b. Edema, pruritus, and a 2-mm ulcerated vesicle.
c. Irregular brownish-pink spots around the hairline.
d. Tiny purple spots flush with the surface of the skin.

The triage nurse is working in the emergency department. Which client should be assessed first?
a. The 10-year-old child whose dad thinks the child’s leg is broken.
b. The 45-year-old male who is diaphoretic and clutching his chest.
c. The 58-year-old female complaining of a headache and seeing spots.
d. The 25-year-old male who cut his hand with a hunting knife.

The triage nurse in a large trauma center has been notified of an explosion in a major chemical manufacturing plant. Which action should the nurse implement first when the clients arrive at the emergency department?
a. Triage the clients and send them to the appropriate areas.
b. Thoroughly wash the clients with soap and water and then rinse.
c. Remove the clients’ clothing and have them shower.
d. Assume the clients have been decontaminated at the plant.

Clink on the link above to get the answers and rationales!

– Steff

Note from Margaret: To get answers for Test 6 since link doesnt work is to click on link  on the right.  toggle your mouse over link that pops up description.  Test 6 answers are there.


GROANS (constipation)
MOANS (psychic moans = fatigue, lethargy, depression)
BONES (bone pain)
STONES (kidney stones)
Psychiatric OVERTONES (including depression and confusion)
Can’t pick up the PHONE! (muscle weakness, lack of coordination)

Hypocalcemia = CATS go numb:
C = Convulsions
A = Arrhythmias
T = Tetany (+Trousseau and +Chvostek’s)
S = Spasms, Seizures, & Stridor

Numbness in the fingers




Don’t Google These While Eating

Look at REAL photos of:
– Lyme’s Disease
– Smallpox (ewwwwwwwww)
– Scabies
– Pressure sores


Cushing’s Triad:

HYPERtension, BRADYcardia, BRADYpnea

Word From Recent NCLEX Takers

– You probably won’t get many Maternity/OB questions.

– Not too many Peds questions, except milestones and vaccinations.

– Learn to identify real pictures of pressure sores, small pox (EWWW), and Lyme’s disease.

– Memorize (the crap out of) those Precautions.

– SARS and smallpox are under airborne precautions.

Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism

Tear Card (Thanks Fevvvvvv)

Here’s a treat for you guys.

Click HERE to download something AWESOME from a book some of you guys are using.

Happy studying!